Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ACNA: Back to Christ Church Plano Tonight

Tonight is the big service at Christ Church Plano where Robert Duncan will be installed as the first Archbishop of The Anglican Church in North America.

It will be yet another memorable time for me at Christ Church. Time and time again it has played a key role in my Anglican pilgrimage. My first Anglican service in my adult life was there back in the Fall of 2003. (Yes, during *that* time.) In that service I discovered I really liked Anglican worship even if it seemed so “Catholic.” (Yes, my view of what is very catholic has changed just a bit since then.) And it turned out to be worship that most drew me to Anglicanism.

There, I experienced my first Anglican Holy Week service on Palm Sunday 2004, crying like “a weeping Catholic” when I received my little palm cross after receiving communion. That tangible token of Christ’s love meant so much to me and was a clue to how much sacramental worship would mean to me.

I was there the Sunday immediately after Christ Church left the Episcopal Church when David+ Roseberry began his sermon by asking “How was your week?” I’ve gotten to experience a bit of their pilgrimage while they were playing such a role in mine.

And now, after years of praying and yearning to be a part of a united orthodox worldwide Anglican communion, my prayers are answered. And I get to celebrate that and our first archbishop tonight with my fellow Anglicans . . . at Christ Church Plano again.

God’s providence overwhelms me.

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