Sunday, April 04, 2004

I’ve been really looking forward to Holy Week this year. . . . Ha! That’s quite a change in the past year, me just calling it Holy Week.

Anyway, I went to my first Anglican Palm Sunday service at Christ Church Episcopal this morning. Geez, I made a crying fool of myself. In the service, I was overwhelmed with Christ and what He’s done for me. I even clutched the little palm cross to my heart like I was a weeping Catholic. Oh dear, what’s become of me! ;^)

This week will also be my first time at Anglican Maundy Thursday, Stations of the Cross, and Seven Last Words services. And I’m looking forward to praying the collects and doing some of the BCP scripture passages for each day.

Again, what a change in me. In the past, I didn’t even pay much attention to Palm Sunday. And although I certainly think of the Lord’s Passion on Good Friday, I’ve never been to a Good Friday service. To be honest, Easter sometimes hasn’t been a big deal to me either. Of course, the death and resurrection of Jesus mean everything to me and has for a long time. I’ve just never gotten into celebrating certain days – until now. I might talk more about that sometime.

Anyway, this is already looking like a very special week.

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