Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ACNA Morning Random Notes, Day 2

The highlight of the morning was Rick Warren’s address in the big tent. Now I have to admit I was not exactly thrilled when I heard the news a few weeks ago that Warren would be speaking. And I was among those here who asked, “Could we not find a good Anglican speaker?” But his message was excellent, timely, and moving. I won’t summarize it as I am sure it will be posted soon. But it is well worth reading and heeding.

But after his message, a lady asked us to get together in groups of four and share what God had told us.

Oh dear.

I slipped out along with a number of others.

Earlier, during Morning Prayer, I finally rebelled against TEC 1979 Rite II by firmly saying Jesus descended into Hell (not just “to the dead”) during the Apostles Creed. I think I need to start praying for the extinction of Rite II in ACNA.

During Morning Prayer, David+ Short gave a good message from Acts 5. When he phrased the apostles situation before the Sanhedrin in ways that obviously paralleled the travails of many who have left The Episcopal Church for ACNA, there was not a little laughter.

Beforehand, one bold gentleman took my “Kiss me; I’m Anglican” t-shirt literally. I’m thankful this is not TEC General Convention. (Now I need to hover around some hot Anglican women.)


Tory S. said...

I join in your prayer that Rite II dies a quick yet painful death.

Sue Martinez said...

I share your disdain for Rite II, but I can say, "They're working on it." My rector, Bill Thompson, is now the Bishop-Elect of Western Anglicans. Several months ago, I asked him when ACNA was going to unrevise the BCP, "especially Baptism." (The vow to strive for justice and peace grates on me every time I hear it because it's been so misused.) He said with some authority, since he's Chairman of the Prayer Book and Common Liturgy Task Force, "We're starting with the Ordinal." I think that's a fine idea because the vow to "banish and drive away from the Church all erroneous and strange doctrine contrary to God's Word" (and other important vows) somehow got banished from the 1979 BCP.

When the time comes for him to be consecrated, I can't imagine that anything but the 1928 version will be used.

Sue M., All Saints'Anglican, Long Beach, CA

James Manley said...

May the Lord swiftly guide your steps to a Convocation of Hot Anglican Women (CHAW).