Monday, March 30, 2009

Not A Good Weekend for Orthodox Brits

This past weekend was a difficult one for orthodox British of both Anglican and Roman Catholic stripes. My prayers go out for both.

On the Anglican side, the Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali announced that he is leaving his bishopric early. He was a rarity in the Church of England, an orthodox bishop with a backbone, and the most prominent one. One can hope the Church of England’s loss will be a GAFCon province’s gain. But this can’t be good news for the Church of England.

Here are Ruth Gledhill’s and Damian Thompson’s takes on this.

For UK Roman Catholics, the bad news is the increasing likelihood that Arthur Roche will be the next Archbishop of Westminster. He is an appropriately named enemy of traditionalists. I pray reports are mistaken and that a much, much better man is appointed. Perhaps the outcry rising up will scuttle his momentum.

If you wish to know the sort of pastoral care traditionalists can expect from Roche, ask the parishioners of St. John the Evangelist, Allerton Bywater.

The only good I can see out of Arthur Roche becoming Archbishop of Westminster is it would make Anglo-Catholics think yet again before swimming the Tiber.

And that is a sad commentary on both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England.

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