Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bill Maher Reminds Me Why I Cancelled HBO.

Years ago, I realized I was watching HBO less and less. They just didn’t play the movies I wanted to see and their own programming was stale as well. Then back in 1996, they produced If These Walls Could Talk, a pro-abortion propaganda movie starring . . . Cher. Wonderful.

I cancelled my HBO and let them know why in no uncertain terms -- they were slacking on quality programming but were spending the bucks on pro-abortion agitprop.

The years since then have made me glad of my choice. HBO’s vomit programming has gotten more and more putrid through the years.

Speaking of which, Bill Maher saluted our troops the other night:

By the way, do you still take HBO? If so . . ., why?

1 comment:

Chip Byers (AKA RECCHIP) said...

Oh, No he didn't!!

I have never been a fan of Mr. Maher but now. Oh, no he didn't just say what I think I heard him say!!

My Goodness, I have to catch my breath.

BTW, we no longer get HBO but mainly because they rarely show something I am interested in. (I did enjoy Rome and am sorry I missed John Adams). I keep Showtime because I just have to have my Tudors!!!