Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An Addendum to my “Voter’s Remorse” Rant

Now that I’ve had a good night’s sleep and calmed down somewhat, I think I should add an important caveat to my “Voter’s Remorse” rant yesterday.

I realize many (most?) are so preoccupied with family, work, and other aspects of living that they hardly have the time and energy to dig into the details of politics. If you are among these, I apologize if you feel targeted by my rant yesterday.

And I’m not the only one who owes you an apology. The news media has a vital role to play in informing people about the background of political candidates, particularly presidential candidates.

But the mainstream news media were either so busy cheerleading for Obama and/or were just lazy that they gave Obama’s radical background a pass. If McCain had the most right of center record in the Senate and had past ties to extremist right-wing groups, do you think the news media would have given that a pass? But that is exactly what they did on the flip side with their hero Obama.

The news media, particularly the so-called “mainstream” news media failed those of you who don’t have the time and energy to spare for much politics. And if you cast a mistaken vote because of that and are suffering voter’s remorse, you have my understanding and sympathy, not censure.

But as for those who had ample time and wherewithal to inform themselves and should have known better, my rant yesterday still very much applies to them.

By the way, don’t be expecting that apology from the “mainstream” news media. They don’t have the conscience or the decency.

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