Tuesday, March 03, 2009

“Obama Lied; the Economy Died.”

I commend to my readers this sharp and at times witty op-ed by Tony Blankley.

I’m heartened to see him do what so few have done – take Obama to task for telling this whopper to Congress:

As soon as I took office, I asked this Congress to send me a recovery plan by President's Day that would put people back to work and put money in their pockets. Not because I believe in bigger government - I don't.

I didn’t hear much of his speech after that because I was laughing so hard.

In light of Obama’s budget, tax, and spending proposals, that is about as big as Big Lies get.

So I heartily agree with Mr. Blankley’s conclusion:

If President Obama were to try to misrepresent his positions for the next four years, there would be nothing he could say that would approach the inaccuracy of his claim last week that he is not for big government. It is the essence of the man and his presidency. He doesn't like America the way it has been since its founding - and it will take an abusively big government to realize his dreams of converting America into something quite different. If you don't know that, you don't yet know Barack Obama.

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