Wednesday, March 04, 2009

++Rowan, Blame Yourself for the “Tempest of Extremism”

Our Lord of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, has warned of a “tempest of extremism” and blames economic difficulties for the same.

There is little question that bad economies can foster extremism. But I suggest Dr. Williams also look in the mirror for causes of increased UK extremism.

When Canterbury suggests more Sharia law for the UK, that just might provoke some to an extreme response. When the party long in power, which I suspect Dr. Williams has voted for more than once, the Labour Party, opens the door wide open for Muslim immigrants hostile to British culture, appeases the same, reduces freedom of religion, freedom of speech, economic freedom, heck, just freedom, period, that just might provoke some to extremism.

Labour has been a “disaster” for freedom, for Christians, for the UK and its glorious culture. Increased extremism is a rather predictable result.

Whom did you vote for, Dr. Williams?

The Conservatives are not exempt from blame, either. They aren’t Maggie Thatcher’s party anymore. During the long Labour regime, the Conservatives have shown little backbone in opposition. Moreover, instead of “no more” they have too often said, “Me, too.” Wimps.

Is it any wonder there is now more support for the BNP? Yes, the BNP is noxious, but Labour’s evil and the Tories’ complicity drive people to the BNP. (Not to mention the comical Liberal Democrats who try to split the meager difference between the two.) That’s what happens when mainstream parties don’t have the conscience and the courage to stand up for God and country.

And a feckless Archbishop of Canterbury does not help matters.

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