Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Priorities: White House Quarterbacked Attacks on Rush

The New York Times has confirmed, if in a back-handed manner, that the White House has systematically coordinated attacks on Rush Limbaugh.

Leaving aside the significant question of whether it’s appropriate for the White House so to go after a private citizen, I can’t help but ask if Obama and his boys have better things to do.

In fact I can ask that about any number of Obama’s initiatives. He’s focusing on stem cells, on socializing medicine, on punishing polluters and the economy with cap and trade, on curing cancer for Obama’s sake, etc. etc. Meanwhile, we have an economic crisis and a banking system under attack. Yet about the best bank plan Obama and his wimpy Treasury Secretary has presented is be patient.

Even some who support Obama’s overall agenda, such as Jim Cramer (who doesn’t march in lock-step well enough anymore and so is also under attack from the Obamatrons), suggest there is a lack of priorities here.

Gosh, you think?

Next thing you know, the Obamatrons will come after me. Because total submission to the New Messiah is so much more important than trivial matters like the evil capitalist banking system.

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