Thursday, March 05, 2009

“Going Galt”

I’ve mentioned that Obama’s tax policies will discourage people from taking the business risks and making the investments necessary to our economy. And I’ve personally thought about ways to legally reduce my taxes, even if that means I contribute less to society.

Yes, I know that sounds awful. But if Obama, the Democrats, and those who put them in power try to loot me, should I act as if they aren’t? Or should I simply say, “Be my guest”? Perhaps my attitude is one to repent of, but I’m that angry and that convinced the looting should be opposed and stopped.

But I haven’t heard until this morning that what I’m considering has a term attached to it – “going Galt”. Going Galt refers to the Atlas Shrugged character John Galt and his allies who cease productive economic activities in order to avoid taxes and to strike against government looters.

And many are already deciding to go Galt in this age of Obama and his impending looting. Michelle Malkin is following this phenomenon closely. Check out here and here for starters.

I may have more to say about this. For now I will conclude with a question: is going Galt an ethical alternative for Christians?


MORE: Here is an excellent post on the looting (with a graph of the same) and going Galt from a Christian perspective.

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