Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cardinal Pell Nails “Secularist Intolerance for Christianity.”

Some time back, I mentioned I was considering a trip to Oxford in part to hear Cardinal Pell give the first Thomas More Lecture on Religion in the Public Square. I decided against it, but it is clear I missed an excellent address this past Friday, a summary of which, with a link to the complete address, may be found here.

It is refreshing to see a prelate speak with such clarity against attacks on basic freedoms of religion and conscience under the cloak of “diversity and tolerance.” And, yes, he calls out specific villains, including the anti-Prop 8 thugs and the Human Rights Commissions of Canada.

I urge your attention to Cardinal Pell’s lecture.


francis said...

The Oxford University Newman Society - who organised the lecture - have put the text of the lecture in HTML format on their website:

Beats downloading a large PDF!

Mark said...

That is very helpful, Francis. Thank you.