Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sen. Leahy Trying to Rubberstamp Obama’s “Moderate” Judge

Sen. Leahy of Vermont is trying to pull an April Fools stunt – rush April 1st hearings on Obama’s just nominated “moderate" judge, David Hamilton.

Funny, Leahy has a long record of taking . . . his . . . time with judicial nominees by Republican presidents, all while being insufferably self-righteous about it. From Ed Whelan at The National Review:

To put this rush in context: During the Bush 43 administration, the average time from nomination to hearing for federal appellate nominees was 138 days overall, and 197 days while Leahy was chairman. No federal appellate nominee other than Clinton renominee Helene White (the beneficiary of a special deal) received a hearing in less than 30 days. And of President Bush’s first batch of nominees, the first to receive a hearing waited 62 days.

No double standards here. Nope. Let’s rush those “moderate” Obama judges through.

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