Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Nominates “Moderate” Judge

President Obama has made his first major judicial nomination, David Hamilton for the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and, mirabile dictu, he’s a “moderate”! Yes, he’s a “moderate” past ACLU board member, a “moderate” past ACORN operative. He’s also been very “moderate” in attacking freedom of religion, parental rights and the right to life from the bench, so much so that less “moderate” judges have publically taken him to task for doing so.

But I am very reassured, by both the Obama Administration and the mainstream news media, that Obama is being very “moderate” in appointing judges who will be so “moderate” in tearing up upholding our Constitutional rights.

No wonder defense attorneys think so highly of him.

I, too, can rest easier. I guess my concern that Obama and his judicial appointees would undermine our Constitution and the rule of law was just paranoia.

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