Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Prediction: California Bail-out

I’ve got a prediction for you today. The State of California will ask for a bail-out from the feds (and really from you) within 18 months. Yes, even beyond the funds they will get from the Stimulus Porkage.

Left Coast types control the state government there, and they have the policies to prove it: big spending, big taxes that have residents ready to go Galt by moving out, and budget issues to go with the same. The tech and housing booms helped them get away with such, but now that we are in hard times . . . .

When California asks for a bail-out, I intend to yell, “HELL, NO!” It’s their own @#$% fault that they have gotten themselves in their situation through lefty crackpot misgovernance. That state deserves to go bankrupt and doesn’t deserve one dime from me or any other taxpayer outside the state.

Heck, I’ll go one better. California should split into two states like the farmers there want. But that’s not all. Then the new Left Coast state – call it Kalifornia – should be ejected from the United States to go stew in their own juice. They have misgoverned themselves and have greatly contributed to misgoverning the U. S. by electing the likes of Pelosi and Boxer and Waxman.

Let them have their own People’s Republic instead of letting them turn the U. S. into one. We’ll see how long they last then.

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