Tuesday, March 03, 2009

About the Current Direction of This Blog

My forbearing readers have surely noticed a shift of focus in this humble blog. I’ve been focusing more on the predations of the new president and his allies and less on the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion.

One reason is I consider the direction of the Episcopal Church and of the Anglican Communion in appeasing TEC a done deal with little hope of stopping. And it is just not that interesting anymore. Even the most over the top outrages such as the Buddhist bishop simply illustrate that things really are as bad as orthodox bloggers such as myself have been saying. As for appointing pointless pastoral visitors or haggling over a Covenant with no teeth, yaaawn.

On the other hand, Obama’s policies are a disaster in progress, and one that I did not fully expect (as negative as I’ve been on Obama from the start) and one that can at least partly be stopped and reversed in due time. But for that to happen, bloggers need to be among those shining some light on what is going on.

You know the mainstream media won’t. Hear anything from ABC, NBC, ABC, or CNN about Kathleen Sebelius’ ties to late-term abortion George Tiller, for example? Did you hear from them that you would have to tax 100% of the income from those making over $75,000 to pay for Obama’s spending? Etc., etc.

And I am convinced the danger to our nation and freedoms is such that love of country and of those who visit my blog demands that I shine the light on the dangerous direction we are going, particularly since my political knowledge and experience is above average. I see a bridge out ahead, and I’m doing what I can to warn people.

And, yes, frankly, I do find the current American political situation intensely interesting even as it is distressing.

However, I wonder if some of my past readers do not find it so interesting. Visits to this blog are down, by about a third. I don’t know if it’s because my ranting repels people, or because many, like me, are weary of the same old same old in the Anglican Communion and just don’t frequent Anglican blogs as much. (I know my visits to Anglican blogs are down a bit.) If readers and other bloggers have insight on this, feel free to chime in.

But lower visits will not compel me to go easy on Obama and his allies. If they succeed in destroying this country, in transforming the U. S. into something that is hardly American and scarcely free, it won’t be because I wasn’t sounding the alarm.

Never fear, I will continue to blog on Anglican matters as well, particularly on the formation of the Anglican Church in North America, of which I am a glad member. But the current direction of this blog will continue for a while I expect.

I do not apologize for that. But I understand those who may not like the shift. I do hope you will still visit from time to time.


Anonymous said...

The outcome for TEC is clear ... the orthodox are completely marginalized and there is no hope for the "inside game." The Archbishop of Canterbury is not a friend of orthodoxy. As far as TEC is concerned, the path is clear and it is merely a matter of watching it disappear as the aging membership dies off. The only question is ... "What if anything will happen to the orthodox?" My guess is that there will be no big answer ... just a slow dibbling away to other churches or even to religious detachment.

It is basically over in the American Anglican church(es). No longer interesting. You are right.

Mark said...

I have more hope for the Anglican Church in North America.

But as for TEC, yes, good for comedy every now and then. And that's about it.