Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Times: Over 1300 Clergy Tell Canterbury and York They May Leave CofE Over Women Bishops

The Times reports that over 1300 clergy have written the Archbishops of Canterbury and York saying they may leave the Church of England if the Synod this weekend allows women bishops without also setting up adequate provision for objecting traditionalists.

Here is a pdf of the letter and its signatories. Eleven serving bishops are among them. I also see my friends from Pusey House.

I hope the enormity of this immanent loss to the Church of England prompts the Synod this weekend to pull back from the madness of pushing through women bishops without adequate provision for those who can not accept their ministry. If the Church of England pushes on in its current direction, it will rip out the heart of English Anglo-Catholicism and throw it away.

I don’t think the Church of England is that mad just yet. We shall see.

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