Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This Pre-Lambeth Letter Isn’t a Joke. . . .

But it should be with “The Essence Of Indaba,” “The Reflections Process,” and “the Listening Group.” This last pre-Lambeth letter to those attending is truly comical. I'm tempted to lampoon it, but the Lambeth Conference Office has pretty much done the job already.

If there is any doubt that Lambeth ’08 is designed to avoid any real resolution or action, it should be dispelled immediately. The letter pretty much comes out and says Lambeth is so designed:

Instead of the classic communiqué or resolutions style of communication this year's conference will produce a reflections document . . .

Among the desired outcomes anticipated by this diverse group from across the Communion was not so much debates, position papers, votes and resolutions but participation on an equal footing, listening as well as speaking and the emergence of wisdom and a common mind.

None of those nasty resolutions, but instead “listening.” Yup.

Indaba is open-ended conversation, which doesn't begin by looking for results . . .

Why do I suspect it won’t end that way either?

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