Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I am not impressed.

My forbearing readers may have noticed that I have had very little to say about actual proposals at Lambeth, including those from the Windsor Continuation Group. And, to be blunt, I really don’t care much about them and don’t have anything that profound to say.

For the Archbishop of Canterbury and his allies have made it clear by their actions that they will not discipline apostates and will not live up to agreements if that means disciplining apostates. ++Canterbury pretending The Episcopal Church is in compliance with Windsor/Dromantine/Tanzania and inviting everyone to Lambeth (save Robinson) makes that clear. Moreover, his not inviting the bishops of CANA among other actual orthodox bishops and turning up his nose at the real Bishop of San Joaquin are among the indications that he really sides with the apostates.

No proposal, forum, report, whatever is going to change this state of affairs. Only an Archbishop of Canterbury with a little Athanasius in him will. The Lord can certainly bring that about, but given the earthly powers who appoint the ABC, I’m not holding my breath.

So yet more papers and panels and meetings are just a charade wasting time and stringing along the orthodox foolish enough to play that game as far as I’m concerned. And I can barely bring myself to waste time commenting on them. As the Ugley Vicar has opined about the Windsor Continuation Group report, they are “as much use as a chocolate ladder at a house fire.”

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A Musing Anglican said...

Some close examinations and analyses of the various proposals and committees -- and why, as you say, they're pointless and substance-less. Anyone who expects somthing significant or revolutionary to come out of these is lacking not just historical awareness but common sense as well!