Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Atheist Burns Presiding Heretic

A self-confessed atheist has taken Episcopal Church head --Katherine Schori to task for her comments about the Church of England:

In one of those shows of Christian understanding that so distinguish the Anglican communion (and I speak, I stress, as an atheist), the Most Rev Katharine Jefferts Schori, head of the Episcopal Church of the US, attacks the Church of England for being slow to modernise.

She accuses opponents of women bishops of having a "personal antipathy". I am sure some of them do, and may God (if He should turn out to exist) forgive them.

However, I am equally sure that many find the à la carte approach to religion of various Rocky Horror churches - notably in America - as simply wrong and bogus, and about adapting religion to a lifestyle rather than vice versa.

As in politics, the recourse to insult seems to come once the intellectual argument is lost.

That’s gotta hurt! I find her jibe about “adapting religion to a lifestyle rather than vice versa” particularly on target. If only church people were that perceptive.


Hattip to Stand Firm.

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