Monday, July 14, 2008

The Smell of Indaba?

The run up to Lambeth is getting uglier and uglier. Ruth Gledhill of the Times has posted an ominous article:

The Times has learnt that the crisis is likely to worsen, whatever is decided at the conference, because the Episcopal Church of the US plans to overturn its pledge not to consecrate any more openly gay or lesbian bishops.
The US church, which will dominate the conference with 125 bishops attending, is expected then to elect rapidly and consecrate a further five or six such bishops.

Now I don’t expect that many gay bishops so soon. But the liberals are getting more pushy and defiant. And why not? The Archbishop of Canterbury has enabled them and let them know by his actions and inactions that they can get away with anything. The defiance isn’t just coming from North America. The Archbishop of Wales Barry Morgan has made clear his eagerness to appoint gay bishops.

Meanwhile, Gene Robinson is busy not being the gay bishop in a speaking tour of England. He got an appropriate reception from at least one gentleman. Yes, I do find confronting his sermon appropriate, especially when he has the gall to say that he’s so sad about “the Anglican Communion tearing itself apart” when it's his consecration that triggered that. And Gene Robinson is a heretic who shouldn’t be given a pulpit in the first place. When bishops don’t fulfill their role of banishing heresy from the church, then it’s right for the laity to speak up and take action. Somebody buy that man a pint!

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