Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BREAKING: Bishops Have Already Left Lambeth

From today’s Lambeth press briefing (blogged on the fly by Matt+ Kennedy, so the wording might not be exact):

Archbishop Aspinal steps up to the podium:

Let me begin by addressing to issues from yesterday:
There is a list of bishops present being at the Conference prepared as we speak. We sought permission from the bishops this morning to include their names. Those who allowed to have their names listed will be listed. A number did not give consent to be listed and a number are no longer present. We will let you know who has gone this afternoon.

With rubbish from ++Rowan such as this and this, not to mention the complete waste of time called indabas, who can blame them?


Brendan said...

Maybe they're dog-paddling across the Tiber as we speak. (Or write)

I don't know the internal mechanics of your church but can Rowan Williams be deposed? Recalled? Suffer a vote of no confidence?

Or would that take intervention from the British government?

Mark said...

That's a very good question. I think there is no formal way to get rid of the man, but I suspect the British have respected informal means.

Any readers have a better answer?


The Bovina Bloviator said...

The Queen, being the Defender of the Faith, has the last word in the hiring and firing of the Archbishop of Canterbury. She could dismiss him in a trice if she chose to do so although that is unlikely. Still, there are creditable reports HRH is not happy at all with the direction the C of E and the Anglican Communion have taken as of late and it is not inconceivable she could step in should the downward spiral continue unchecked. One can always hope.