Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lambeth: Indaba Groups Still a Joke

Bad things happen when crackers try to be multicultural, and indaba groups at Lambeth are among them. They are not going over well with the bishops and are seen as an inauthentic waste of time keeping them from talking about what really needs to be addressed:

Moreover, none of the bishops asked by The Times had yet been given a chance to discuss the one thing that they are all desperate to address: how can the Anglican Communion survive the consecration of Gene Robinson, the openly gay Bishop of New Hampshire.

Of course, that’s the purpose of indaba groups, to avoid important discussion and real decisions.

But at least some bishops don’t appreciate that. Bishop Howe even wrote his clergy (perhaps tongue in cheek, perhaps not) that “there seems to be an incipient revolt” against the indabas. “Many of the Africans are saying, ‘This isn’t ‘Indaba’ at all! First of all, we are not a village, and we don’t know each other. And secondly, we are not attempting to solve a problem; we are talking in small groups about minor issues of little consequence.’”

More on the Indabas may be found here. And Chris Johnson has a bit of fun with them.

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