Monday, July 21, 2008

Emergency FIF Meeting in Canterbury Today

I was preoccupied with my chess tournament over the weekend (A loss and two draws for those interested.), so I missed this, but the Forward in Faith UK Council has an emergency meeting in Canterbury today. In announcing that, the chairman, Bishop John Fulham issued a remarkably hard-hitting statement:

It is quite apparent that we are being subjected to what I would call institutional bullying of a kind that if it were found in the commercial world would be the subject of serious litigation. The atmosphere and the approach of some of those opposed to us reveals that not only are they not very good Christians; they are also not nice human beings.

The other thing that strikes me quite hard is that most of the assets of the Church of England in terms of buildings, schools and other property either come from the pre reformation Catholic Church or as a direct result of the Tractarian and Catholic Revival. This property is very much our heritage and inheritance and to suggest that many wish to steal it from us in a very unpleasant form of legalised theft would not be an understatement.

I love it when bishops actually tell the truth.

More on this here and here.

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