Monday, July 07, 2008

UPDATED: CofE Synod is Now Debating Women Bishops

The Church of England Synod is now debating motions concerning women bishops and provisions for objectors. A vote is scheduled for tonight, England time. Ruth Gledhill is liveblogging the debate. Be aware that she is posting in reverse chronological order, for now at least, i. e. you will be reading the most recent postings first.

I stick to my prediction that efforts to pass women bishops without any structural provision for objectors will fail. Right now, a muddle, or a delay, or a proposal for enhanced flying bishops looks more likely.


UPDATE: But maybe I’m wrong. Based on an amendment vote, Ms. Gledhill predicts “The code of practice and the main starting motion will probably prevail.”

Although this is not easy to follow, I believe she is referring to the motion to approve women bishops without structural provision for objectors, with only a voluntary code of practice. If that passes, it would be a disaster for the Church of England and for Anglicanism as it would push the heart of Anglo-Catholicism out.

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