Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello, Dolly. Come a Little Closer.

It turns out Dolly wanted to be a Texan after all. For a long time, it looked like a direct hit on Brownsville, and that still might happen today. But now it looks like she might jog just to the north of Brownsville. I’ve been praying she would go to the north of Brownsville because that would make it a lot easier on them and put the worst of the hurricane over an unpopulated area.

The surf from Dolly came in very suddenly yesterday afternoon. I caught a few waves before it became too strong for me to paddle out. There were a lot of people playing in the crazy surf. No, I probably won’t paddle out today. :)

Oh, the sunset was other worldly with turbulent high clouds from Dolly overhead in the clear tropical air.

Yesterday was dry, but we got a lot of rain overnight and have a lot more on the way, which is quite welcome.

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