Monday, March 15, 2010

Pelosi House on Verge of Slaughtering the Constitution

How important is Obamacare to Obama, Pelosi, and other Demorats? A heck lot more important than the Constitution.

For Pelosi and allies are considering a maneuver of passing the Senate Obamacare bill without actually voting on it. Rules Committee Chair Rep. Louise Slaughter is behind this, hence the maneuver has been well dubbed “the Slaughter Solution.” And it would slaughter the Constitution’s explicit provision that Congress has to actually vote in order to pass bills. (Article I, Section VII, Clause II)

At the risk of repeating myself, Leftists only like Constitutional democracy when it serves their agenda. But when it doesn’t, then they have no qualms about tearing up the Constitution and overturning American democracy.

I hesitate to say what would be appropriate opposition should Obamacare be shoved through in such an unconstitutional manner. But it would most certainly be taxation without representation. And my educated readers know well what our forefathers did about that.

Much better we stop this NOW. Call your Congressmen and give them . . . godly admonitions.

MORE: Former Appeals Court Judge Michael W. McConnell speaks out.

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