Monday, March 22, 2010

Gulag Obamacare is here. So what now?

Today is a dark day for freedom in America. Even many across the pond can see that. Instead of being “post-partisan” as promised, Obama and his allied Democrats have conducted themselves like an partisan “elective dictatorship” and passed Obamacare down our throats. And that even though poll after poll have shown that Obamacare, and the Obama regime for that matter, utterly lacks the consent of the governed. The Democrats with their votes have told America to drop dead. And then they have the gall to say this is some victory for Americans.

So what do we do now?

First, we must not allow our anger to cause us to lose perspective and do something stupid. (And if you have not been angry this weekend, then I dismiss you to go and be happy in your utter cluelessness.) What happened this weekend is not a Supreme Court ruling, ala Roe v. Wade, cutting off an area of public policy to Constitutional democracy. Nor have we yet gone the way of Europe where socialist healthcare is so much a part of the national fabric that there is no hope of throwing it off.

In other words, civil democratic avenues are wide open to repeal last night’s outrage and more. Moreover, if we fight hard and clean, there is the possibility that the 2010 and 2012 elections will so repudiate the Obama regime and the Democrat Party that not only will Obamacare be repealed, but it will be generations before a president and Congress dare to so disregard the consent of the governed and to attack our freedoms.

Because the democratic avenues to fight are so open, this is not a time to be stupid, particularly to resort to offensive slurs or to violence. Yes, I do think it is needful to say that loud and clear for two main reasons:

1. As I’ve stated here before, a government which so lacks the consent of the governed invites violence. There may be a time for violence, but it is not now. Violence now would not only be politically stupid, giving our opponents ammunition, it would also be morally wrong. Yes, Obama and the Democrats have invited violence. We must decline the invitation.

2. If you have been half as angry as I have been at times lately, it is too easy to do something stupid. As Psalm 37:8 (NASB) warns us:

Cease from anger and forsake wrath;
Do not fret; it leads only to evildoing.

So, yes, this is a time to fight for freedom and to fight hard. I will go so far as to say that this time so cries out for a fight for freedom that it would be ignoble not to take up the cause.

But we must fight clean. We must fight non-violently. Our opponents think the ends of their Leftist agenda justify anti-democratic and anti-Constitutional means.

We must not become like them.


Matthew said...

We unelect them. All of the ones who voted for Obamacare who are up for re-election.
No safe seats this election.
No forgetfulness.
No forgiveness.
No voting for an opponent who does not support a complete repeal.

If enough of them get unelected, if the Democrats lose their House majority, the rest will get the message.

Capt. Deacon Warren said...

Don't just stop with the ones who voted yes. There are some Blue Dogs (really Lap Dogs) who got to vote no but are Progressives nonetheless. Progressives of all stripes must go and we have to put Constitutionally supportive Conservatives in Washington.

John Sandeman said...

I am not sure I understand your difficuty. Americans at the last election voted for the democrats. They have instituted a policy you disagree with. At the next election you need to get more republicans into office and you can repeal the legislation. Isn't that how democracy works?

Mark said...

A pivotal Senator (Franken) "elected" by fraud? A press who refused to do its duty of vetting a presidential nominee (Obama)? A president who is a bigger liar than Clinton? Massive bribery to pass a profoundly unpopular bill? etc. etc.

NO, that is NOT how our democracy is supposed to work.


John Sandeman said...

Rather than replay the last election, it maybe more constructive to channel your outrage into working on an alternative healthcare plan to take to the next election.

Warren said...

I'm with you, John. As a Canadian living in the US, I've been astounded at the ugliness that has boiled to the surface concerning health care reform. It makes me very glad to be a Canadian (although there was considerable ugliness in Saskatchewan in 1962 when universal health care was first introduced in Canada). Fortunately, most of the people I work with (military) are pretty level-headed about the whole affair. Without more willingness to compromise on the part of both Republicans and Democrats, it will be extremely difficult for the US to surmount the major challenges it is facing. For now, all the media seems to reflect is a desire for revenge.