Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How the Mighty Have Fallen

Remember when Florida Governor Charlie Crist was an inevitable Republican nominee for U. S. Senate?

How the mighty have fallen and how:

Support for Charlie Crist from conservative voters has pretty much evaporated, and that's allowed Marco Rubio to build a 32 point lead in the Republican primary for Senate.

Rubio now leads Crist 60-28, including a staggering 71-17 lead with conservatives.

Another RINO bites the dust.

Except in the case of scandal, I am hard pressed to think of a greater political turnabout in such a short time. I find it amazing.

I hope the Republican Party now, finally, gets it that it cannot take conservatives and tea partiers for granted. I think they do. But if they don’t then – to paraphrase Joe Bob Briggs – they are so stupid they deserve to lose.

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