Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Obamacare, Reconciliation, and Consent of the Governed

A week ago, I expressed my alarm that barely a fifth of Americans think the current federal government has “the consent of the governed.” Well, the situation may be about to get even worse and fast.

For the word is Obama and company are intent on jamming Obamacare through the Senate using the reconciliation process.

Leaving aside what horrendous policy Obamacare would be, look at the horrendous politics of the course Democrats are considering.

Any number of polls indicate a majority of Americans oppose Obamacare. And it has been that way for months despite Obama again and again pushing his health care agenda. He even used the Super Bowl for that! What part of “NO!” does he not understand?

Polls also indicate a majority oppose using the reconciliation process to pass Obamacare.

The reconciliation process was never intended to pass major social programs but to deal with budgetary matters.

If the Senate passes Obamacare with a bare 50+1 majority, it will do so with the votes of Senators whose very presence in the Senate is of questionable legitimacy due to election fraud. Al Franken stands out in that regard.

In short, using reconciliation to pass Obamacare would be such an abuse of power that it would greatly inflame the consensus that this government lacks the consent of the governed. And that is because this raw power play would lack the consent of the governed as Rep. Paul Broun and others have stated.

But then, Leftists as a whole do not care about trivialities like the consent of the governed. They want their agenda passed, period. See their abuse of the federal courts to get a flavor of that.

Again, this lack of the consent of the governed – and Obama’s brazen disregard for it – is a profoundly volatile and unhealthy situation for the U. S.

Pray. (And give your Senators and Congressmen an ear full while you're at it.)

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