Friday, March 19, 2010

On the Verge of Gulag Obama

After reading of yet another defection to Obamacare, I have now come to the sickening expectation that Obamacare will pass the House and become law, even if law at its worst and most arbitrary.

I find it sickening because we will have come to the point where Congress can so Slaughter the Constitution that it thinks it can pass such a monstrosity without actually voting on it. It sickens me because once a nation burdens itself with socialized medicine, untold generations will suffer under that burden.

It sickens me because the very basics that our founding fathers fought for – consent of the governed, no taxation without representation, and our wonderful Constitution – will have been gutted in order to greatly increase the power of the Almighty State over our lives.

There is still hope. The manner in which Obamacare is about to be passed has so enraged Americans that the November elections may make 1994 and 1974 look like picnics. Such a historic repudiation may make it possible to restore freedom. And rest assured that I will be among those fighting (non-violently - Yes, I think it is needful to say that.) for freedom and against Obamacare.

Nevertheless, this is a dark day.

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