Friday, March 26, 2010

Faking the Hate (or I told you so)

I mentioned earlier this week that a common tactic of the Left is to provoke outrage from the Right, then to use that outrage against them. “And if the Left doesn’t find some outrage from the Center/Right that is juicy enough, it will invent it.”

Well, sure enough, we’ve seen that tactic in action this week. For example, there have been claims that tea party protesters shouted racial slurs at congressmen in Washington. But although the protests were abundantly videotaped, the evidence for such is non-existent. And that even though Jesse Jackson and company certainly tried to taunt and provoke the protesters.

Now, do I assert that every tea party protester was immaculate in his conduct? Of course not. If you find any protest where that is the case, let me know.

Nevertheless, exaggerating and even inventing “hate” from the right while also ignoring it from the Left is nothing new, as Michelle Malkin reminds us.

And if our friends on the Left were really that concerned about civility in politics, then they would be more concerned about the consent of the governed necessary to civil politics.

I’m not holding my breath on that.

No, the Democrats’ real purpose in crying crocodile tears over alleged slurs and violence is to demonize those standing up against their attacks on freedom.

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