Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Evil “Church” (TEC)

I am outraged this morning. No, I am not outraged over lesbian Mary Glasspool receiving consents to become a “bishop” in the Episcopal “Church”. That was predictable and passé already. *yawn*

What outrages me is that the Episcopal Diocese of Central New York sold the building that once belonged to the Church of the Good Shepherd . . . to Muslims. So here we have a “church” that sues the faithful out of their parish buildings and sells them to enemies of the faith.

So where do I stand on The Episcopal Church and on the Anglican Communion now?

Let me spell it for you.

A “church” that sues the faithful, praises murdering the unborn, aids the spread of Islam, and, while they are at it, makes “bishops” out of shameless perverts can go to Hell.

And I not only do I have no interest in going with them, I do not want to be in communion with any bishop who tolerates such evil in the church. Yes, that means I have no interest in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury as long as he is a dithering enabler of The Evil “Church”.

(UPDATE: Corrected two typos and added a link.)

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Jeffersonian said...

Here's to hoping the rest of Skip Adams's buldings wind up in the exact same hands. They'll be empty soon enough.