Friday, March 19, 2010

Rowan Williams, Coward

I have long considered Rowan Williams an untrustworthy failure as Archbishop of Canterbury. But I don’t think I’ve considered him a coward until now.

Dr. Williams issued the usual worthless statement in response to Mary Glasspool receiving the necessary consents to become a TEC “bishop”.

But what is most notable is how he released it . . . or didn’t release it:

Rowan Williams is a failure as the Archbishop of Canterbury. . . an utter failure, as shown once again not in the actual words of his statement on Glasspool, but in the way the statement was released.

As of this writing, you won't find Williams' statement on his official website, or any official website run by the Anglican Communion. That's because Lambeth Palace is providing the statement only to those who contact them and specifically request it.

And, sure enough, just now I diligently searched His Grace’s official website, and there is no Glasspool consents statement to be found.

I am at a loss for words save . . . What a coward!

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