Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Anti-Obamacare “Ugliness”

I was intending to go non-political today – I really was – but this is an instructive moment I cannot let pass.

There are many crocodile tears being shed over the “ugliness” of some of the opposition to Obamacare the past few days. For a good sample of that, go here.

First, it is doubtful whether at least some that is alleged to have happened really happened. Second, the Democrat whining is not unlike kicking someone in the shin and then being shocked, shocked when your victim says some naughty words. At the risk of repeating myself, when you trash the consent of the governed, yes, the reaction will get ugly and worse.

But, third, and this is most important, to provoke outrage from one’s targets and then use that outrage against the targets is an old tactic of the Left. I remember being personally suckered by that tactic in my Duke days. And if the Left doesn’t find some outrage from the Center/Right that is juicy enough, it will invent it. It’s wrong, but we are talking about Leftists. That is the sort of thing Leftists do.

So that makes it all the more important that we who oppose the Leftists and their agendas keep our opposition above reproach. Yes, Biblical admonitions work well in politics, too. We should be careful not to give the Leftists ammunition to use against us. When the Left tries to defame us who fight for freedom, let it be because they are lying, not because we are being stupid.

Like I said yesterday, fight hard but fight clean.

Housekeeping: For the remainder of Passion Week and Holy Week I will try to lay off the politics and Obamacare. I know – if I keep talking about Obamacare day after day, I will become tiresome like . . . Obama.

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TLF+ said...

Good advice in your recent columns, Wannabe. The MSM keeps saying that "Rep. X REPORTED that he was called the N-word numerous times..." Maybe it happened, maybe not - but protesters need to go out of their way to avoid becoming propaganda sound bites.

I remember touring the 1-km zone of the divided Germanys when I was in the Army. We were instructed, "Keep your hands in your pockets and do nothing that could be photographed and represented as a hostile gesture by the E. German boder guards."

I have a second job in a secular setting and I can tell you that coworkers are aghast at the media reports of over-the-top protests.