Thursday, November 15, 2012


I think I might need help.  Yesterday I watched an Obama press conference . . . and enjoyed it.

Now, I’m one who for almost eight years muted the volume whenever Bill Clinton came on.  I could not abide his smug lying.  And I’ve often muted Obama as well.  But I’ve sometimes made myself listen to The Dear Leader in part so I can be informed and make witty and intelligent comments for you my dear readers.  Hey, who loves you?

But yesterday, I actually enjoyed listening to Obama and his worshippers the press.

Am I sick and in need of professional help?  Perhaps my sickness is voyeurism.  For what I enjoyed most was this:

A reporter for the Chicago Tribune congratulated President Obama on winning reelection during a press conference Wednesday at the White House.

Obama called on Christi Parsons, the White House reporter for the Chicago Tribune.

"Thank you, Mr. President," Parsons said. "And congratulations, by the way."

Obama then noted Parsons was there "when I was running for state Senate."

"That's right, I was," Parsons replied, adding that she had “never seen you lose.”

Hey, you two.  Get. A. Room.

I wonder how many of the other reporters were jealous.

Yes. I am sick.

And here’s some NBC-Obama love action.

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