Monday, November 12, 2012

Election Fraud in Philadelphia? (UPDATED)

First, I should say I am not one of those who think Obama was re-elected by vote fraud.  His margin was large enough that I do not think vote fraud that massive is feasible in this country . . . yet.

But any vote fraud is reason for concern.  Historically, it has been the difference in several close elections.  And I shudder to think how divided this nation would be if a presidential election were very close with suspicious election/counting activity to boot.  I would make 2000 look like a picnic.

What happened Election Day in Philadelphia is more than a little suspicious.  Appointed GOP Poll Watchers were kicked out of many wards (restored later by court order).  Here is audio of one episode.

Not caring what the law says is an odd attitude for an election judge to have.  And the results in these wards also happen to be odd, 9955 Obama to 55 Romney in one ward.

Now, do I know election fraud occurred in these Philly wards?  No.  But at the very least, election law was willfully and systematically violated when GOP Poll Watchers were expelled.  And actual vote fraud or no, the conduct of the election and the results are an indictment of the political culture of Philadelphia.

UPDATE: The youtube code kept messing with me.  So I just changed it to a link.  Sorry.
Also note that I am now just about certain of election fraud in Philly and in Cleveland as well.

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