Monday, November 05, 2012

Election Fraud. It’s Happening.

If anyone tells you that election fraud is not a problem, they are either benefiting from election fraud or committing it.  It is happening, and it is a big problem.

Putting aside past elections, it is happening in this election.  Just one example: a Nevada union has been registering non-citizens to vote and perhaps threatening them as well if they don’t vote correctly.

What worries me even more are the numerous reports of touchscreen voting machines turning Romney votes into Obama votes.  I do not know if this is intentional fraud, but I wonder how many people do not carefully double-check their votes and are having their Romney votes miscast.

Now excuse me for shouting.  PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK YOUR VOTES.   Thank you.

I stand by my prediction that Romney will win and that it will not be that close.  But what if it is close, very close, and the election is stolen or there is at least widespread perception of it being stolen?

With our divisions, the last thing we need is an illegitimate President.  

Lord have mercy upon us.

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