Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I like Jeb Bush, however . . .

There’s been talk the past few days that Jeb Bush is preparing to run for president in 2016.  I’ve always liked Jeb Bush . . . and I think him getting the Republican nomination for President would be a disaster.

To be clear, my prophetic opinion has nothing to do with his personal qualities.  I mean it when I say I like him.  But Jeb Bush is an establishment man and is, well, a Bush.  And the combination makes him unelectable.

The Republican Party has put forth two establishment men against Obama.  That hasn’t worked out too well.  And I know more than a few tea party/libertarian types stayed home and did not vote this year in spite of their antipathy toward Obama.  Too much of what should be the Republican base will not be able to stomach yet another establishment Republican candidate in 2016 and will not help him when the Democrat candidate will surely not be as noxious as Obama.  And establishment Republican candidates hardly excite anyone beyond sure Republican voters anyway.  The lackluster turn out for Romney, who to his credit was a good campaigner, proves that.

And another Bush?  Does anyone in their right mind think this country is ready for another Bush?  Not only is another Bush unelectable, that would be begging for a third Tea Party.  I know first hand that many tea party types detest W about as much as Obama. (For the record, I disagree with that sentiment.  I’m only reporting what I have observed.)  Most tea party people have been good team players in 2010 and 2012.  But put another Bush in front of them, and they will want him defeated along with the Democrat.  There will instantly be a strong third party then that will make Jeb Bush that much more unelectable and hand that election and perhaps more to the Democrats.

By the way, Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton?  Bush vs. Clinton again?  A third party would have a field day with that match-up.

So as much as I like and respect Jeb Bush, I sincerely hope he does not run for President. 

And that is a bit unfair, because I think he could be the best president since Reagan.  But life isn’t fair, especially political life.  Being the son of a Bush ain’t what it used to be.

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