Wednesday, November 21, 2012

After Synod: The Need for Provision for Traditionalists Illustrated

This is just a brief note to those who may doubt the need for robust provision for those who cannot accept the ministry of women bishops in any future Church of England women bishop’s legislation – surf around to twitter, comments here and there, and various message boards, and you will see just how needful said provision is.

Attitudes towards those who cannot accept the ministry of women bishops are appalling to put it mildly.  Here’s one example from a respected member of the Church of England (I’m not using even online names because calling out is not my purpose as much as calling out might be deserved.):

I'm the one preaching love and inclusion, they are the ones preaching bigotry and sexism. They should **** off to whichever bigoted misogynist shack will take them and leave the church to those of us who actually believe in love.

Yes, how very loving and inclusive indeed.  Then there is this from a CofE bishop not known as a liberal: “The Kingdom of God is bigger than the stupidity of 6 lay people.”

Oh.  So laity who don’t bow down and do the bishops’ bidding on women bishops are stupid . . . and oppose the Kingdom of God apparently.

There is a profound lack of basic respect for the views and persons of those who cannot accept the ministry of women bishops.  Despite Justin Welby’s protestations otherwise, too many in the Church of England have proven they cannot be trusted to treat these traditionalists with grace and respect apart from the force of law.

Those who insist on robust provision and therefore voted against the women bishops legislation (And even a liberal or two voted “No” for those very reasons.  I salute those few.) were wise and right to do so. 

The reaction to the “No” voters proves just that.

MORE: And here is the passionate explanation of a “No” voter who is also a “convinced liberal” and supporter of women bishops.  Kudos to him for his courage.

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