Thursday, November 08, 2012

A Time for Ministry

Robert Munday has posted a calm and cogent missive on what we can expect in a 2nd Obama term.  I particularly appreciate his addendum:

Our only hope in all this is a revival or spiritual awakening among faithful Christians that gives the Church new unity, boldness, and power in accomplishing its mission, and that turns the hearts of the people of this country to repentance.  It is incumbent on Christians to pray and work as never before.

It will not surprise that I am very pessimistic about the coming years, perhaps more so than Dr. Munday.  We are in *interesting* times.  And it will get more interesting.

And it is precisely in such times that the ministry and witness of the church is that much more needed and people are more needy and receptive to it.  So we indeed need to prepare, pray, and work . . . hard.  People need us.  They just don’t know it . . . yet.

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