Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CofE Feminists Get What They Deserve, the Defeat of Women Bishops Legislation

If you heard some disquietude (I would say shrill screaming, but I don’t think the English do that.) in the past hour or so, that may be because the proposed legislation on women bishops just failed to pass the Church of England Synod.  Less than 2/3s of the Laity voted for it.

The House of Bishops of the CofE will meet tomorrow morning to “consider the consequences of the vote.”

The irony of all this is women bishops legislation would have likely passed Synod this summer.  But, noooo.  A number of feminists were unhappy with the provisions in it for those who cannot accept the ministry of women bishops.  So they forced a postponement, which resulted in a weakening of those provisions, which in turn weakened support from the rest of the church.  Hence today’s result.

I can hardly improve on what I posted this summer:

Now the rational proponent of women bishops (and there are many) would see that [many cannot on the basis of scripture and tradition accept the ministry of women bishops] and therefore would propose to allow those of said convictions to have the alternative arrangements they are requesting and otherwise move on with women bishops.  But that is not good enough for the uberfeminists.  Having women bishops is not good enough unless the traditionalists are crushed or driven out or both.

What the heck do these feminists want?  The Principal of Pusey House being forced at the point of a sword to kiss the ring of a woman bishop?  More Anglo-Catholics forced to flee to Rome?  And there is little question some feminists secretly desire the latter.  And it is hard to see how their efforts are any less than attempted persecution of the Faithful.

If the feminists kill women bishops legislation because they refuse to allow orthodox opponents a little space, then they don’t deserve to have their women bishops . . . ever.  Further, their vindictiveness proves themselves unfit to called bishops or ministers of Christ . . . or Christians for that matter.

And most of them have indeed proven themselves, by both their teaching and conduct, more feminist than Christian.  For the sake of Christ’s Church, and for the sake of their own needful repentance, may their utter lack of Christian reasonableness and charity indeed bring about their own defeat again and again.

And, today, the feminists’ lack of reasonableness and grace did indeed bring about their own well-earned defeat.

Now if they really want women bishops along with peace and unity, they will repent and allow traditionalists the space they are requesting.

No, I am not holding my breath on that one.

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