Monday, November 19, 2012

Bishop Lawrence’s Address to the Diocese of South Carolina

The Special Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina has met and confirmed that said Diocese is no longer a part of The Episcopal Church.

I continue to pray for the Diocese of South Carolina as the brazen attacks from The Episcopal Church will also continue. (And I apologize that I have not been posting on those attacks on South Carolina.  I just have not had the energy or stomach to dive into the subject. I guess I have Schori-fatigue.)

A highlight of the convention was Bishop Mark Lawrence’s address.  It is perceptive, pastoral, and gracious.  I commend it to you.


Anonymous said...

Will Sewanee's sick embrace of TEC's sexual innovations take a pause now that donors are impacted by South Carolina?

An Open Letter to Sewanee Vice Chancellor McCardell Concerning Status of Diocese of South Carolina

4. If you do expect Bishop von Rosenberg to replace Bishop Lawrence, or if such a change is probable, why have you not yet notified your alumni and donors in South Carolina of this pending material change in University governance, especially now when many families are considering year end gifts to Sewanee's annual fund?

Charles Townie said...

McCardell Allows Gay Same Sex "Blessings" in Sewanee Chapel: Declares SSB as "Only Sensible Thing"

Gay stuff at Sewanee is "sensible," according to "faithful believer" McCardell