Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Synod: The Naiveté of Justin Welby

I fear that, at the current Synod of the Church of England, we have already seen how Justin Welby will operate as the next Archbishop of Canterbury – to assume, with a smile, grace and good will among everyone and then to look the other way as heretics and apostates persecute the orthodox.

Yes, perhaps I am jumping the gun.  And I do sincerely hope I am mistaken.  But at Synod his reasoning behind supporting women bishops is naïve at best.  He seems to think it unnecessary to have robust legal protection of traditionalists because the rest of the Church of England will surely respect their consciences anyway:

"This approach that we have before us today is I believe, after much discussion with many people, as good as we can get. . . our will and intention are far more important than the rules.
"I am personally deeply committed, and believe that fellow bishops are also, to ensuring, as far as I am able, that what we promise today and later in the Code of Practice is carried out faithfully in Spirit as well as in letter."

CofE feminists have already demonstrated that they care not a whit for the consciences of those who cannot accept the ministry of women bishops.  If Justin Welby really thinks that feminist bishops can be trusted to respect and guard the consciences of traditionalists, his naiveté will surely enable persecution of the faithful sooner or later.

Again, I hope I am proven wrong.  We shall see.

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