Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gulag UK: Bow Down to Gay Agenda or Else!

If there was any doubt remaining about whether the gay agenda trumps religious freedom under the Labour government, Maria Eagle, the Labour Government Equalities Minister (Wow, that title is Orwellian!) puts it to rest:

The circumstances in which religious institutions can practice anything less than full equality are few and far between.

And, of course, there’s any number of pseudo-Christians in clerical garb to collaborate with, heck, cheerlead the state in suppressing religious freedom.
There’s Giles Fraser, now of St. Paul’s Cathedral (an institution sinking by the minute):

Hateful attitudes towards LGBT people, sometimes aired on football terraces, are no different to those found in supposedly religious settings. We must not allow homophobia to disguise itself as any sort of legitimate religious belief – it isn’t! Homophobia is a sin and its eradication from churches, mosques and synagogues is one of the most urgent challenges for people of faith in the 21st century.

So if you believe in God’s commands concerning sexuality (And, yes, Mr. Fraser would surely consider that “homophobia.”), that belief is illegitimate and subject to “eradication.” Just letting you know.

There’s Marilyn McCord Adams, who disgraces Christ Church Oxford:

Adult believers have a responsibility to weed tradition, to identify systemic evils that are ripe for uprooting, pre-eminently human rights violations, and to go after them with a shovel and trowel.

If you are a UK Christian who holds traditional views on sexual morality, let there be no doubt Labour, with the help of these people, is coming after you with “shovel and trowel” if you dare act upon those traditional views in administering your church and ministries.

Hat tip to Stand Firm.

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