Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Note About Dialogue on Abortion

I got back yesterday from an excellent camping trip in West Texas. So I’m catching up on the world at the moment.

But I did want to get a word in about Obama’s motions toward “dialogue” on abortion.

As strong as my convictions are on the issue, I can talk with those who are genuinely pro-choice, i. e. those who do not want to prohibit elective abortion, but also do not want to force people to support abortion through taxpayer funding, federal mandates, and the like. At least they recognize that abortion is morally problematic for a great many, and they respect the consciences of that great many.

But if you force the taxpayers among that great many to support abortion worldwide, as Obama did in one of his first acts as President, that closes off dialogue, to put it very mildly. It’s like . . . well, it’s like the Episcopal Church – cram your apostasies, including support of abortion, down people’s throats while calling for “dialogue”, “conversation” and “holy listening.”

And to do that and then say at Notre Dame, “Let’s honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion.” . . . . Well, a man who would act as Obama did and then say that would say just about anything.

I have better things to do than to “dialogue” with such, thank you.

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