Thursday, May 07, 2009

ACC Ignores Episcopalian Lawsuits

Both BabyBlue and the American Anglican Council have noted that the Anglican Consultative Council is willfully ignoring The Episcopal Church’s litigation against departing orthodox parishes. I could dwell on other actions and inactions of the ACC meeting in Jamaica (as BabyBlue has), but I think that omission just about says it all as to how useless the Anglican Communion has become. As the American Anglican Council sums up well:

This is the state of affairs in the Anglican Communion. Wise, learned, and, capable people abound in the councils of the Church. But when the time comes for them to address critical issues including ones of doctrine, morality, the authority of Scripture, the uniqueness of Christ as Lord and saviour of all, and Christians suing Christians, they call for more conversations and delays, rather than action.

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