Thursday, May 14, 2009

Unions vs. Taxpayers

Even while the economy is hurting and governments at all levels deal with budgetary issues, labor unions are busy shaking down taxpayers with the support of Obama and Democrats.

This aspect of Obama’s agenda – and it is part of Obama’s agenda; the taxpayer bail-out of GM and Chrysler is really a sweetheart bail-out of the UAW, and there’s more to come – has not gotten the attention it deserves. One reason for that is his strategy of pushing for so much – tax hikes, skyrocketing spending, cap-and-trade, socialized health care, the Obama Youth, “hate crime” laws etc. etc. etc. – that it is difficult to oppose it all. Opposing Obama is like opposing a serial firestarter. But his support of unions is an important part of his push to make us more like Europe where unions can bring a country to its knees.

Already, unions use forced dues from workers to push their political agenda. I shudder to think how much more power they will use against us under Obama.

An aside: a little history comes to mind. We had similar problems with unions in the 70’s and with Democrat support of their excesses. Then the air traffic controllers made the mistake of going on strike for absurd demands in 1981 . . . under Ronald Reagan. He swiftly fired them and banned them from being rehired. And their union was quickly decertified.

Not surprisingly, that did wonders for dealing with overreaching labor unions. But now we have a president who rewards their excesses.

*sigh* I miss Ronald Reagan.

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