Monday, May 04, 2009

ACC Snubs Uganda

The Anglican Consultative Council has refused to seat a delegate from the Church of Uganda on the pretext that the delegate’s relationship with Uganda “is as a result of a cross provincial intervention, and note that such interventions are contrary to the Windsor Report and other reports accepted by successive meetings of the Instruments of Communion, including Primates’ Meetings which you have attended.”

The Archbishop of Uganda sizes this up well in a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury:

At our Primates meeting in Dromantine, Northern Ireland, we asked TEC and the Anglican Church of Canada to voluntarily withdraw from the Councils of the Church until the next Lambeth Conference. In Dar es Salaam, the Primates unanimously agreed that TEC should not be invited to Lambeth until they satisfactorily answered our questions, which most people know they did not do, your judgment notwithstanding. Yet, they have continued to be involved in all the Councils of the Church, and even with undue influence because of their wealth and command of English as their first language. There is a double standard at work here, and it favors the Western world and marginalizes Africa and others in the Global South.

More including relevant documents may be found here.

Thus, the ACC has already succeeded in further alienating the Global South. Way to go!

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