Friday, May 29, 2009

I Make Brian McLaren’s Site

I sent Brian McLaren an email confronting him for agreeing to speak to the Episcopal Church’s General Convention. And, lo and behold, it made his site:

Here's another [e-mail] - a lot like the previous one in tone:

Mr. McLaren,
Shame on you for speaking to the Episcopal Church's General Convention. The Episcopal Church persecutes the faithful, promotes abortion and any number of heresies. And you have allied yourself with their evil.
Your so-called generous orthodoxy is neither.
Shame on you!

So he doesn’t actually respond and instead sniffs about its tone and lumps it with an unrelated e-mail. But I’ll take what I can get.


TLF+ said...

You might have done better to point out the deception and inconsistency of TEC representing as "emergent" or "spiritual, not religious."

TEC is the kind of leaden, top-heavy "religion" that true "emerging church" types reject. The bloated bureaucracy, the church trials, the fascination with titles, money and propery, the heavy handed use of "discipline" and the constant tearing of relationships - these things are anathema to the truly emergent.

I agree with you in general that McClaren is playing the "useful idiot" by speaking to GenCon.

Floridian said...


McLaren had crossed over to the dark side well before his invitation Lambeth and Ecusa GC.

Lambeth and TEC just sealed McLaren's committment to the homosex agenda.