Tuesday, May 12, 2009

“Be the Party of No”

Some Republicans are hesitant to say “No” too often to Obama. He is popular (for now), and they don’t want the Republican Party to be known as the Party of No.

But often “No” is right. And it is certainly right now in light of Obama’s Leftist agenda. Not only that, when a President overreaches – and Obama is certainly doing that – saying “No” long and often is smart politics as Fred Barnes reminds us with a bit of history.

I suspect that goes double now. For Obama’s policies are a recipe for 70’s Stagflation and worse. Thus, in the not so distant future, those who stand strong and say “No” shall be rewarded politically. Those who are Obama’s lapdogs shall be punished.

Sounds kinda biblical, doesn’t it?


very very skeptical said...

"Wannabe Anglican," or "wannabe political commentator"?

Stagflation was a Nixon-Ford thing, solid Republicanism.

McCain was past his prime and ran a lousy campaign. What did you expect? Suspending his campaign to "fix" the economy??

How will Obama supporters be punished? Do you intend to do the punishing?

What will you do when my marriage is recognized in all fifty states, if I choose to move to rural Alabama and *you can't stop it*?

Who is a lapdog of whom?

The only hood I wear is an academic one.

Mark said...

Oh dear, so many questions. Where to start?

Although I am no fan of either Nixon or Ford, stagflation was at its worse under Carter. It was overcome by Reagan.

The voters will punish Obama supporters, of course. And I intend to help out by proper political means. I don't have a totalitarian streak unlike your Dear Leader.

I do not intend to recognize any gay marriages, however. Sorry.